Flameworked Featured Artist : Hamm Brushland

Our first featured Artist is the Illustrious Hamm Brushland

Hamm Brushland has been a pioneer in functional glass for most of his twenty year career, making both subtle and massive innovations. From Sculptural pieces with exceeding realism to several of the most significant advances in functional glass. The two most well known of his innovations are perhaps the recycler and disc diffuser.
The Recycler, which literally came to Hamm in a dream, has revolutionized the landscape of functional glass. From the countless production recyclers being made in production shops across the globe, to the extremely heady recyclers that net big change for top notch artists such as Eusheen, Quave, Mike Philpot and Contrabasso (the last two of whom were both students of Hamms).

Since the first time he saw a street artist blow glass at the fair, Hamm knew what path he was destined to take in life.

Hamm started out like most do, making production glass, but even his early production work was unique. Of course, this wasn’t enough for him and he soon branched off into making headier and headier work,

Hamm’s biggest achievement to date could well be the glass rocking chair. With four highly skilled flameworkers who were also some of his closest friends, Hamm set out to the 2009 American Glass Invite. The skilled team succeeded with ease, but since the huge sculpture was so bulky to store, Hamm had to do something about it. So, two years later he drove a rented SUV through it and video taped it! Even though Hamm’s skills have excelled in all areas of glass, which is the sign of a true master, he has focused on scientific functional glass, and in doing so revolutionized it. Even though Hamm may be best known for the recycler, but he has made many other innovations and has been making pieces far ahead of their time for quite some time now.

Here are some of our favorite pieces we have in stock right now from Hamm and Hamm’s Waterworks: